Welcome to LUMAKERS – Lancaster University Makers

It has been a busy summer. After some discussions we have space, and stuff, and shelves.

So what do we have?

The library room C130 from 4PM – 9PM for 12 months. It is a big room, with HDMI screens, desks and power. It is everything a maker could dream of, but wait. There is more!

The room has storage, a room connected where tools and projects can be stored. we have a total of 20 ISO sized storage boxes on shelves, for storage.

Some Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, Hat (The Pi Type), Some tools and plenty of stickers 😀

Some exciting projects, more news about that later!

A new collection of Electronic and Paper Books called the Maker Collection.

And finally ‘Maker Liasion’ ‘John the Librarian‘, the Faculty Librarian for STEM who will be helping with running the Makerspace, answering queries and finding funding.

Open Hack Evenings in 2019

Welcome, are you a maker, creater, coder, tinker or hacker? Do you want to talk about an awesome idea, love arduinos a little too much, have a a unique skill you would like to share, want to learn to solder, or pick locks?

Lancaster University Makers is the place for you! From October 2019 the library will be hosting the Lancaster University Makerspace, a pop-up makerspace for projects and open forum for makers and creators. This webspace is the first step in making it a reality. Watch. This. Space!