The makers are building robots, what kind do you ask? Opinions are divided as to what makes the best robot. So we will BUILD ALL THE ROBOTS. Will we enter pi wars? Maybe.

There is another cube where that came from

We have a 4tronix Cube:Bit . Use it like a bat-signal to charm makers into the Makerspace.

VR Shenanigans

The makerspace will have an array of VR googles and development technologies including a very fast computer, and a 360 camera. Develop an app. Create something cool. Flail around wildly. Its all good.

Indoor Drones

Is it safe to fly drones indoors? Debatable. Will we do it? Probably? Indoor programmable drones will arrive soonish.

3D Printing

Its a classic, but we hope to have a 3D printer that is safe to use indoors. Nice.

Alternative OS.

Want to learn how to install alternative Linux based operating systems, don’t want to break the PC with all your coursework on it? Come break the Makerspace Ubuntu laptop!

Very Crafty

We will at some point acquire a Cricut, a cutting machine for paper and card cutting. Think a 3d printer. but 2D. And cuts paper. You know if you need it, because it is super useful.